Emmesoft was founded in Torino in 1985. It was the beginning of the MIDI era and Emmesoft was started up to achieve the maximum MIDI market share. The company quickly gained a good reputation working with music professionals all over Italy.


During those years Emmesoft reinvested all incomes to be more strongly involved in the following areas:

MIDI, for recording studios and musicians, to solve all their sequencing needs

DIGITAL AUDIO, strengthening audio editing and direct to disk recording

MUSICAL DTP, for academies of music, publishers, music schools and professionals with score printing needs

SOFTWARE, developing custom solutions

SERVICING AND CONSULTING to assist musicians in everyday's problems

Since 1988 Emmesoft received official praise from Atari (then unrivaled leader for MIDIed computers) with the offering to exhibit at the most important Italian Fairs (SIM, SMAU - Milano; SIOA - Bologna; Interexpo Music - Pesaro); since 1990 Emmesoft representatives were in Frankfurt Musik Messe and Hannover CEBIT seeking international partners.

In 1992 the Milano Showroom was established to give support to all Central Northern Italy customers; in the same year at the Hannover CEBIT Emmesoft presented "Language Translator" and "Personal Account", two international versions of general purpose software.

With these successes in mind Emmesoft was given credit to be one of the most specialized and competent companies in the Atari market. But successful companies must pay particular attention, other than economical results, to human resources.

Emmesoft is composed by skillful young people, dynamic and highly motivated; these experts are always working on new projects, looking for the right solutions for their customers.

For the near future Greppi's company wishes to develop human resources, delving deeper into technical problems and becoming more and more a reference point for customers.

The goal is all about Multimedia, the new highly creative aspect of computers, definitely emerging in the nineties.

Thanks to the know-how acquired during past years, in February '92 was created the Emmesoft Multimedia Group. These people will both produce in-house multimedia titles for the consumer market and will help other companies to solve their problems.

The first project released was "Brunette", the first interactive movie ever made in Italy. The project was officially presented in Milano at the "Teatro Multimediale" during the SMAU Fair, October '92.

Due to the originality of "Brunette" there has been a great deal of press rumor about next Emmesoft's release of interactive movies to the market.
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